Can I Gift Aid my fundraising?

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When friends and family donate to your fundraising page, they can choose where they wish to add Gift Aid.

My donation isn’t showing up against the person or the team I wanted to sponsor

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We’re sorry to hear this. When you make a donation, you should have the option to assign this to a team or person that’s taking part in RED. If you didn’t get this option, or did but your donation isn’t showing on their page, please do get in touch with the team at events@rethink.org

What happens if I don't raise the minimum fundraising target?

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Depending on the event, you may be asked to self-fund to make up the difference. 

Getting Started

Do you have any recommended wording about Rethink Mental Illness for my fundraising page?

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Rethink Mental Illness is the charity for people severely affected by mental illness. We provide expert information and services, and campaign to improve the lives of people living with mental illness, their families, friends, and carers.

Every donation to Rethink Mental Illness enables us to make a difference.

  • £10 could help fund one of our local support groups 
  • £25 could help fund our advice and information service 
  • £50 could help us bring the voice of people living with severe mental illness to government to influence policy and legislation 

Can I please have a collection tin/bucket for my fundraising?

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Please contact the team at events@rethink.org advising when/where you would like to hold your collection.

Please note it is illegal to carry out a public collection without a valid licence from the local authority.

We can provide you with a letter for you to send them to apply for this authorisation.If you are collecting on private land, you must have the owner’s permission.

Can I use your logo for my fundraising?

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Can I connect my fitness app with my Rethink Mental Illness profile?

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Currently there are four fitness apps that connect with your Rethink Mental Illness profile:

Fitbit, Strava, MapMyFitness and Garmin. 

Once you've logged in, go to 'My Account' at the top right of the page. Click on 'My Page', Click on 'Add Activity' from the middle option bar. Click on the app you use, under the 'Connect your preferred fitness app' section. 
Follow the instructions from there. It will take you to that app’s page, where you'll need to log in. 

Why can’t I see my activity on the leaderboard?

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There’s a short delay between when you enter your activity and when it shows on your profile. If you wait thirty minutes and come back to it, it should show. Please do get in touch if you can’t see it after that time at events@rethink.org.

One of the badges on my profile isn’t highlighted yet, but it should be - what do I do?

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Your celebratory badges will appear at key milestones during your RED journey, for example, when you’ve reached your activity and/or fundraising goal. These can be found via ‘My Achievements’ tab in your RED profile. If you’ve completed a milestone, but your badge isn’t showing, please get in touch with us at events@rethink.org, and we’ll get it sorted for you. 

How do I delete my profile?

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Please get in touch with us at events@rethink.org if you’d like to delete your Rethink Mental Illness profile.

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